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Like Nothing You've Ever Experienced Before!

The 1ST Fully Interactive Family Edutainment Arena!!!

Fun For The Entire Family Ages 3 and Up!!!!

Hickey’s Wild Adventure—A 5,000 sq/ft, 20 individual themed rooms, 5D, laser target-based experience with over 70 life-like animatronics; a journey where visitors walk through, blasting 250 strategically placed laser targets, and complete several exciting challenges from pulling levers, pressing buttons, hitting laser targets, opening boxes and more to get to the next themed room:

Enter PlayStemGround!! 

Here we have 5,000 sq/ft of children’s Interactive/learning/fun playground! This is a kids ONLY Area for ages 12 and under. No grown-ups here to get in the way. Our facility is under our strict staff rules to monitor all the children and to help in learning. Come Play—Learn—Interact!

The SPREE Arena is a multiplayer, (up to 10), free-roam VR attraction which magically transports guests into fantasy worlds where they can play together.  The SPREE Arena uses advanced all-in-one VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), so as soon as the players put on their headsets they are in the game! 

DOJO 4-Player Family Friendly VR—The Key Principles of DOJO Experiencing virtual reality with DOJO is a shared and social experience that promotes cooperation and friendly competition. This drives repeat play, adds value to any location and ignites the DOJO mantra: Play. Like. Share. Repeat.

Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

New state-of-the-art Escape Rooms. Perfect for family fun or any corporate teambuilding event!

Seven Exciting Games To Choose!

Live Escape Rooms

Four kingdoms are in grate danger: The Great Night is coming! It will last for many years or even decades. When the sun dips below the horizon, the dead will revolt! 

Breeze Creative– Sandbox, Draw Alive, AR Zoo—interactive experiences designed to educate, amaze, and intrigue.

Animated Sandbox A hands-on sandbox with projected interactive layers that create a wondrous and intriguing experience.

Draw Alive -These interactive exhibits allow children to color creatures and figures and watch them come alive in a virtual world.

AR Zoo - An amazing Augmented Reality Zoo experience for visitors of all ages

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