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My Story

Several years back, I took my daughter to a Haunted House around Halloween time. She seemed to get a kick out of it hiding behind my back pulling constantly at my shirt. For me it was mostly boring and predictable, one dimensional. Finally, at the end, as expected from behind us, out pops the scary chainsaw character. I said there must be a better way.

Sever months later I took everyone to Laser Tag. Lots of shooting at the opposite team but still something was still missing. Scenery never changed; there was not enough excitement there to keep me coming back. Finally that year the family was at Disney World. Absolutely loved the Dark Rides but why do we have to sit in a car and be driven around. After all of these I kept thinking, “There must be a better way”. There is very little on the market that brings the reality of a video game, i.e. shooting at targets while getting the feeling of soft of live action. Eventually you realize you are just in your living room.

So I started working on my Solution. Enter Hickey's Wild Advenutre, participants will be launched into a nearly virtual world and become transported into a 360° twenty-room experience inside a sea of technology, interaction, and adrenaline. Our proprietary ability to change/move sets, scenes, adventures, interaction, challenges and events at any given moment WE choose and the suspense of the unexpected will lure repeat customers into another round of excitement.

Picture a 5D, laser target-based experience with over 70 life-like animatronics coming to life; a journey where visitors walk through Hollywood-Type sets, blasting 250 strategically placed laser targets, and complete several exciting challenges from pulling levers, pressing buttons, hitting laser targets, opening boxes and more to get to the next themed room while all along this incredible journey you’re faced with rats, bats, snakes, spiders, zombies, mummies, skeletons and so much more you’ll have to experience to believe it.

Wayne Hickey - Founder


We are Adventure Productions, LLC, an Adventure company seeking to begin a journey into our 1st Completely Interactive Family Entertainment Center . 

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